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    Hi all can any one who is still using the old student world do me a favor and have a look if the videos in live internet training are working ? I'm having problem with playback and it doesn't matter what web browser I use and what operating system, I have flash player and Microsoft power point installed, I have java enabled but for some reason the video is not loading and that happens with all available videos after inspecting the website I can see there is error:

    Failed to load resource:

    the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

    This course is a pain in the as??????? No one said it gonna be a peace of cake

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    I can't view the videos either. I just have a white canvas with "Live Internet Training".

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    Yes exactly that's what I have and when I right click -> inspect I have error (040) thanks now I know the problem is not on my side
    This course is a pain in the as??????? No one said it gonna be a peace of cake

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